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Our 14-acre campus is easy to navigate. Below are some pointers (and a map) to speed your journey from arrival to parking, to ticket scanning, and on to your seat.


Olney Theatre Center has a small front lot facing Route 108 and a larger rear lot. Reserved spaces for those with mobility issues are in the rear lot. For those escorting patrons with mobility issues, there are drop-off zones in front of the 1938 Original Theatre and Mainstage Theatre which can be accessed prior to parking. (See campus map below).

Box Office 

The Box Office is located in the 1938 Original Theatre Lobby. As of June 1, 2021 all events at Olney Theatre are ticketed using Mobile Ticketing -- you can print out your tickets at home or have them scanned off your mobile phone. Will Call is no longer available except in rare exceptions. Those providing a valid email address will receive an email confirmation of their order and a separate email with PDFs of their mobile tickets. Please add [email protected] to your contacts list to ensure delivery.


There are three indoor theatres and one outdoor performance space on campus. Please consult your ticket or reservation to see which space is hosting your performance.

  • Mainstage Theatre - Our 429-seat theatre is furthest to the left when facing the campus from Route 108. Please check whether your tickets are in the orchestra or the mezzanine. Enter the Mainstage either via the Bank of America Plaza from the rear parking lot or from the entrance facing Route 108.
  • 1938 Original Theatre - The original 1938 summer stock theatre, complete with peach basket lighting fixtures. The Historic Theatre is to the right of the Mainstage in the center of the campus with the green awning out front. The 1938 Original Theatre Lobby is also the location of our Box Office.
  • Mulitz-Gudelsky Theatre Lab - Our flexible-seating black box theatre is on the eastern edge of campus, to the far right when facing from Route 108. From the front lot, you can take the paths on either side of the Crawford House to reach the theatre entrance. From the rear lot, enter by the path next to the Scene Shop.
  • Root Family Stage - Our outdoor theatre behind the Mainstage and the Bank of America Plaza. This space is easily accessed from the western end of the rear parking lot. Look for the big Olney Outdoors banners! You do not need to bring a blanket or chair unless you are seated in a Lawn Pod. In those pods, blankets are recommended and chairs may be used prior to the performance, but to ensure good views for everyone, they must be stowed when the performance begins.

The possession or consumption of outside alcoholic beverages in or near any of our theatres is strictly prohibited.

Other Spaces

  • Crawford House - The farmhouse that faces Route 108 is the location of Olney Theatre's administrative and production offices as well as housing for artists and apprentices. 
  • William H. Graham Sr. Actors' Hall - On the second floor of the Mainstage, this space is used for rehearsals, auditions, and receptions.
  • The Room - Located in the Mainstage lobby, this space serves as our gift shop during performances and as a meeting space during other times.

Paperless Program Books

  • We are currently printing a limited number of program books in order to reduce potential points of contact between staff and patrons. Please help yourself to one copy per party. You can view our paperless program on your phone, tablet, computer.
Campus Map

Box Office: 301.924.3400

Open Wednesday - Saturday: 12:00PM - 6:00PM

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